hbus.ca is a dynamic web site providing transit directions to the population of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Leveraging the CloudMade Maps API and other dynamic features present found in modern web browsers, hbus provides a seamless and user-friendly interface.



MiuMiu is a voice-over-IP application for the iPhone. By interfacing with a server running the Asterisk® open-source telephony suite, MiuMiu allows you to place and receive phone calls over a WiFi network, thereby avoiding cellular airtime charges and allowing integration with an existing virtual PBX system. MiuMiu uses the CoreAudio framework to minimize call latency and dropped audio frames; its call quality rivals that of hardware VoIP solutions.



CercaMap is a mapping SDK for the iPhone. It provides a map widget which can be embedded into an existing iPhone application with only a few lines of code, providing a level of user interactivity that rivals—and in some ways exceeds—that of Apple’s built-in Maps application. Users can smoothly pan and zoom across the whole world right down to the local area and CercaMap displays dynamically loaded and scaled map data so that the user never has to wait for the map to refresh. CercaMap uses OpenStreetMap to provide the map data it displays.


Versaplex example


Versaplex is a combination of client and server software to proxy ODBC database connections over D-Bus. Unlike most native database software, it was designed to operate over the Internet, maximizing performance for remote connections. Its SSL encryption provides both strong protection of data while in transit as well as robust authentication of both the client and server. Versaplex also protects database servers from being exposed directly to the Internet, and, by implementing the standard ODBC protocol on either end, can be inserted transparently between virtually any database client and server to improve performance and security.