Navarra’s new digs

After a few month hiatus of working from home and on site for various clients, I’m happy to report that Navarra has a new office on 2020 University, sharing space with Syntenic, DokDok, and a few other local Montréal companies. It’s a small but cosy little space with a spectacular view of the city 20-odd stories up. Feel free to ping us if you’re in the area and want a tour.

Making iPhone apps universal

Just a quick note to point out Noel Llopis’s excellent post on how to turn an existing iPhone app into a universal app that runs on an iPad, without having to suffer with pixel-doubled jaggies. It turns out there are a few surprises, so it’s handy to have a guide.


Having had trouble with all the Mac OS X Dashboard widgets for time tracking with 37signals’ Basecamp project management tools, I’ve written a new one called Basewatch. It’s simple, robust and open-source; any feedback is welcome.

Give it a spin at